24 March 2009

sad animals :o(

Just found some pictures that I saved from ages ago. I got them both from the Guardian website from a page called 24 hours in pictures. I always check this page out, some of the pictures are absolutely stunning.

I thought I'd share these two anyway, because I liked them as pictures, though they're both quite sad. Apologies for not including the dates, I forget when they're from.

This first one is a donkey stuck in rubble in the aftermath of an earthquake in Ziarat, Pakistan. It's still alive, yet it looks so peaceful... and almost, dare I say it, like it's smiling.

The second is in a shop in Tongcheng, China following the shooting of one of three wild boars that were running rampage. It's ironic as the population of boars had increased hugely since hunting had been banned. I think my favourite part of this picture is the bemused look of the shopkeeper in the background, again, quite a sad picture really.

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