12 June 2009

Do you know any poems? I'm starving for culture.

“Can you believe this hair chrome cost me 10 dollars? 10 dolleres!

“Don’t you want to learn to be glamorous?”

“…these beauties are starved to death”

“Isn’t she wretched. She’ll come to a bad end”

“When is a tampon right for you?”

“There’s nothing like being dull- by Jackie Curtis”

“Don’t you know the angels are watching?”
“They’re doing it too.”

“All those beautiful statues. They don’t have big… tits. Like a cow. They’re all willowy.”

“The more you learn- I think- the more depressed you are”

“Oh I see- they come in sizes”

I LOVE these videos. In their vapidity- they're oddly profound.

love love x

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