13 February 2010

most recent ink addition

Here's the most recent work I've had done on me sleeeeve. I had it done two weeks ago or so on 29th Feb at my usual place in Leeds (http://www.inkvssteel.co.uk/ if you're interested, which you should be- highly recommended).
I got a new flower on my elbow-pit, three new little leaves and Flaubert Flament got an outline:

Obviously the leaves will be green eventually.

Here's the flower up close, it wasn't very painful but definitely the tattoo of mine with the most traumatic healing process - wrapping it up with clingfilm restricted my arm movement, and it was much more tender to the touch than any of my others, also right along the elbow crease it didn't really get the chance to heal, so scabbed over, and is ever so slightly faded there:
And here is Flaubert up close, he's positively glowing now. I actually saw him smile for the first time once he'd been outlined. It might have been wind though:

Here's a picture of it in context with the rest of my arm:

So next I'll get the leaves filled in, and some shading around the flower and Flaubert to match the top of my arm, then I'm getting a flower here: (excuse the crude drawing, I'm no Paint expert)

and some writing here:
Hopefully I'll be able to get more work on it in early April, Ideally I'd like it all done by my birthday on the 17th, but that all depends on my finances.
love love x

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