30 March 2010

random london

Here are some pictures from an odd thing that we witnessed a couple of weekends ago:

(thanks david for the pictures)

this was just in the middle of the crossroads by the theatre with the big Prescilla shoe. We rushed over because we saw a crowd (mob mentality and all that) and there was a big Virgin helicopter getting ready to take off. I hope it was a promotional thing rather than (as it said on the side) an air ambulance, as that would sour the experience somewhat. It took off and was extremely loud, I was attempting to communicate over the phone at the time- not a great idea. All of the roads coming away from it were closed off, and there wasn't really a lot of chaos considering it was a weekend. It was all very random.

This happened shortly after we saw a homeless man busking by playing through a traffic cone in that courtyard behind selfridges. I was stood round the corner shortly after while David and Freya were looking in a shop and he walked past looking fairly disgruntled- clearly having been asked to move on. A few moments later, he walked past me again back to his busking spot, and came back round the corner trailing the cone behind him, clearly to find a new venue for his musical pursuits. Tragi-comedy at its finest.

Random random London.

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