24 April 2010

brilliant birthday present!

I got this beautiful silk scarf from Babs and JC for my 24th. I need to get a nice big frame for it now, it's so good, and I lot bigger than I remember it being in the Tate shop.

"Renowned artist and Turner Prize winner Grayson Perry has created this silk square scarf exclusively for Tate. Take a tour through the history of modern art with this beautifully detailed and amusing design.

'In the second world war pilots were given maps printed on silk to help them escape if they were shot down over enemy territory. This scarf is a social and cultural map to help aspiring artists navigate the hostile territory on their way to being accepted by the establishment. Many famous artists who can help them live along the route'

100% silk, Boxed.

Dimensions 90 x 90 cm"

(click for larger images)


enjoy! x

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