20 October 2010

Kingston Lacy

More pictures from Dorset. We visited Kingston Lacy, which is my new favourite National Trust place (although I still have a softspot for Cragside and Gibside). Excuse the blurriness of some of the pictures, you're not allowed to use a flash inside the house. Also, the order is a bit messed up because blogspot is rubbish for uploading loads of pictures.

My mother pointed out a rather humorously worded description on the information sheets that said that the Dining Room was dominated by William John's massive organ. Tee hee. Here is said organ:

Some cabinets that Babs was particularly taken by:

beautiful ceilings:

This painting was massive, there was another of a cow being savaged as well. I love how grim it is:

The picture can't do this painting justice, it looked like an engraving in stone:

This picture took ages to take, because there was a really slow-moving old woman ambling down the stairs.

There were a few of these peacock panels, I loved them:

This is what the rooms in the National Trust properties look like over the winter months, it takes two weeks for everything to be covered. It reminds me of a scene in the Others.

A hand-carved last supper scene, the detail is phenomenal:

The tent room, can't decide if I think it was beautiful or naff, reminded me of Cair Paravel in the Narnia books:

I love the word 'injurious' I'm going to try and get it into more conversations:

This is my favourite picture of the day, wish I could go back though and get a better angle, so that the miserable cherub would be less central.

There were a number of wood sculptures around the grounds. I love seeing contemporary artworks in a heritagey setting, as long as they fit. Some of these were beautiful:

This one reminds me of an episode of Jonathan Creek from series 4 called Gorgon's Wood. Some of the little "faces" reminded Babs and JC of Munch's Scream, I can see it!

This one was my favourite, but I couldn't get a picture of it that showed how beautiful the curve was:

Animal gravestones:

The Japanese Garden wasn't as impressive as we thought it would be, definitely just a Western impression of how Japanese gardens should be:

Hope you enjoyed! x

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