4 May 2011

YES! to AV

Three reasons I'm voting YES to AV tomorrow:

1. Saying No is saying that we are happy with the unreflective outcome of the last election.
2. AV is not ideal, but we need it now in order to ever eventually progress to PR, which is ideal.
3. I'm so disenchanted by the 3 main parties that I would like my Green vote to mean something.

Clear and funny video about why AV is a better system than FPTP.

Brilliant Caroline Lucas article on Guardian website.

Interesting comment piece about Labour voters voting No.

DO THE RIGHT THING EVERYONE. It would seem that everyone agree that Proportional Representation is the best voting system, but if we don't make this measly compromise now, it's unlikely we will be offered a referendum to change the voting system again, this is the intervening step between a dreadful system and a fair system.

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