17 August 2011

fenwick lawson

A few months ago when I was at home, me and Babs (the mothership) visited Durham for the day, and I spotted this piece of public art in Durham's Millenium Square:

I took a picture of it on my phone because it was sufficiently maudlin and out of place to tickle my fancy. It's only today, when looking up Fenwick Lawson (who is responsible for one of my very favourite pieces of art, The Pieta in Durham Cathedral) that I realised it was him that did this piece as well, which is called The Journey. It's pretty obvious now, given that stylisticly and thematically it's quite similar, and also because he's a Durham local as well.

Look up the Pieta if you haven't seen it, there aren't many really good pictures of it online, but you get the idea. Aside from the tedious religious theme, the Pieta is the most emotive thing I've ever seen, it's so simple, but it oozes with sadness and, I'm in danger of spilling into hyperbole here, it's sublime and ethereal.

That's all.

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