23 April 2009

bizarre bookmarks

Another fun perk of my job is that occasionally I discover some very unusual, or in this case, some rather beautiful things being used as bookmarks... so naturally I claim these for my own and take them home.

These two things I found in the last week, the first, I found in a Hokusai book which I issued to myself to look at for future tattoo inspiration, I've become a bit obsessed with Hokusai since my Art History classes, which were about the build up to the Impressionist movement and I had never been aware before of what a huge influence on the Impressionists that Hokusai had been. I particularly love the 100 views of Mt Fuji, which almost it almost pains me to say as being a fan of Hokusai these days is such a cliche.

Anyway, back to my point, I found this dashing little polaroid tucked in amongst the pages of japanese marvelousness- and I get the impression that it was being used as a bookmark because it is out of focus, however, I LOVE it. From what I can gather it's a flower- though it's difficult to tell, but I really like it's blurriness. It kind of reminds me of the front cover of Cyndi Lauper's most recent album.

This second one is MUCH better, and along a similar theme. I found it today. It's funny to find something so beautiful in amongst the pages of (what I find to be) a very dry subject. It was in a book about Human Law, which I had recalled as it was to be withdrawn. It's a pressed flower as you can see, and the petals are a kind of deep purple. I presume it was being used as a bookmark and wasn't actually just forgotten about when being pressed- because as far as my flower-pressing knowledge goes (which isn't dreadfully far, I pressed a corsage after a wedding once in a bible- the only use that book has EVER had for me) one should put a sheet of paper or tissue around it otherwise the pages would become stained. Just a guess anyway.

This seemed almost like an omen (if I believed in that tripe) as I found it just after I had been invited for a job interview and just seconds after a bird had flown into the office window. Strange events coming in threes indeed.

Just thought I'd share my finds!

Love love x

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