12 April 2009

bat for lashes

I went to see Bat for Lashes last night at the Leeds Met Union, which is a venue I really like (I've seen Imogen Heap and Gossip there too). They were amazing, though I really can't warm to Natasha Khan at all, she seems so arrogant and insincere. That said, she's got a beautiful voice and I loved the gig. The set was fairly short, just shy of 40 minutes or so, and was mostly the new album, with a few from Fur and Gold. I love how different the two albums sound, the first one was quite folksy, but the new one is so epic and "mystical", some of the tracks could be on the soundtrack to some really cheesy 80s fantasy film like Dark Crystal or somethin. Really oddly she didn't do Prescilla, which was quite disappointing and also very suprising. I don't think they're big enough yet to be choosing to miss out their most well known songs. The encore was Moon and Moon from the new album.

Also, Louise bought me one of their t-shirts for my birthday- which is beautiful. Sorry about the myspace-esque picture, it's purely to illustrate the delicious t-shirt. I do love a bit of swan, mauled or otherwise.

definitely check out their new album "Two Suns" if you have yet to. It's stunning, joint with PJ Harvey's "A woman a man walked by" as best of 2009 so far.

love love x

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