10 April 2009

judging books by their covers

One of the perks of my job is that whenever we're discarding unwanted books- I get first call on them. I don't normally come across that many books of interest to me, but occasionally a gem or two will crop up.

I have a bit of a fetish for books. Content aside, I love them as artefacts. Used books with annotations in them are particular favourites of mine, and books that have been passed around with loads of varying notations from different people are brilliant because they really clearly show all of the layers of history that continue growing once the book is published, it can show how views have changed, as well as more glaring things like how handwriting and the words people use have changed.

Sometimes, however, I stumble upon books that are brand new, that I like simply because of the cover... you know the saying 'always judge a book by its... blah blah and so on.'

Anyway, the books pictured below are a 2 part series and were complimentary copies to the Library- that we didn't want or need. I absolutely loved the front covers, particularly the first one, I think mostly because it made me think of Stephen King's The Shining, where the young boy is having the flashbacks to all of the dreadful things that happened in the presidential suite (it's in the book, not the Kubrick film).

They're written in a Scandinavian language, probably Danish. Holger Danske was a resistance group in world war two (thanks Wikipedia).

I have little intention of looking into the subject anymore to be honest, but as vacuous as this may potentially sound- I'm glad these books have come to a good home, if only so they can be appreciated for their aesthetics, rather than their content.

love love x

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