8 April 2009

life drawing

I attended a day long life-drawing course today, thought I'd share the results. They're not amazing, but I'm quite pleased with them, I haven't painted anything in the last five years or so apart from my face. I had to mess around with the contrast quite a lot to get the pencil sketches to show up, so apologies for how unclear they are.

Quick poses (just two or three minutes each)

Quick poses (in charcoal)

(This one was two seperate poses, but together it looks rather comical- I entitle it "the spank")

Half-hour sketches and paintings

Two and a half hour pose

So this was the final piece of the day, it's just pencil and acrylic paint on cartridge paper. I'm quite pleased with it, I thought I'd be a bit rustier, there are a few things I'd change if I did it again.
Love love x

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