5 April 2009

my decorated arm

So after YEARS of twittering on about it, I finally got round to having a tattoo. I was ridiculously anxious about it before hand, but rather suprisingly, I really enjoyed the whole experience. Firstly, it really doesn't hurt half as much as I imagined it would, obviously it was a bit painful, the part nearest my arm pit, and the bits on my bingo wing were the most painful, but certainly not unbearable- and the colour and shading was actually a really enjoyable sensation. I think I forgot about the pain because I was so busy watching the process- which was fascinating, and I was totally naive to how it all worked before hand, I heartily recommend that if you get the chance you should go and watch someone getting tattoed, it's so interesting. I also found the way I bled to be really interesting as well, I've never watched so much blood come from me without being in pain, but it just seeped out from the flower like dew and didn't mix with the ink at all. I'm so glad I did it, and I love the end product. There is more to do on it still, but for now I'm just fighting against nature and trying to stop it scabbing!!

Love love x

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