1 July 2009

tattoo two

Well, here is tattoo two so far. It was a bit more painful than the first one - just because the surface area is bigger- so it was more sore towards the end, and work was being done on skin that was already feeling tender. Still an enjoyable experience though.

This is the inside of my arm here:

I've not braved having a shower yet- so apologies for the line of congealed blood around the top here.

This is the best view, but a funny angle:

This is it from the back of my arm- again another clumsy camera angle.

I'm so pleased with it so far! I'm getting the rest of it finished on the 21st of the month for free- which is good. I'm booked in for another three hours, the flowers will get finished and there will be some shading in the background. Can't bloody wait!
Better go and attempt to wash it now. OUCH.
Love love x

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