2 August 2009

how I spent my saturday night...

I leave work on Wednesday in anticipation for my move down to London, and thought that rather than just taking a box of biscuits in to say "thanks for having me" I'd do something a little more personal and make some cookies. This, in hindsight was a little over-ambitious, since I have never baked before... I thought I would document the saga as it unfolded.

perhaps I over-did the smarties.

I had a bit of mild panic that the recipe I had found online was a joke- because this seemed like far too much butter:

I don't have mixing bowls so I improvised with pans:

This is the first attempt before they went in the oven. It's worth mentioning quite how small my oven is, it's portable, and used to be my brother's when he lived in a caravan...

I clearly had not anticipated quite how much the cookies would expand...

I then managed to burn them as well. Needless to say, the first batch weren't a roaring success. Think I'll keep these ones for me.

The next batch were slightly more healthy looking:

Well, it was more difficult that I thought it would be... and because I could only do about 4 each time, it took me about 2 and a half hours!

To make up for the less than appealing look of the cookies, I thought I'd better present them nicely... with a little written disclaimer:

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